Tales of a Teenage Renegade

I am just an eager writer and photographer


Jason Lazarus

1. Untitled (2011)

Untitled (2006)

3. Untitled (2010)

4. Palestinian Wall, Jerusalem (2008)

5. Eric Becklin, First Human to See the Center of Our Galaxy (2010)

6. Above Sigmund Freud’s Couch (2008)

7. Snowstorm (2009)

8. The Top of the Tree Gazed Upon by Anne Frank While in Hiding, Amsterdam (2008)

9. Lindsey (2007)

10. Untitled (2008)


For a muse.

A beautiful new journey begins. 

I am making this

so I have a place to keep my writing, photos, and maybe even some videos. Whichever is easiest.